PC.Solutions.Net – Business Process Automation

PC.Solutions.Net specializes in aligning IT with Business.

We have been providing value-added services since 1997 through a host of in-house engineers specializing in technologies from HP, IBM, Microsoft and VMware. Our developers and designers are some of the best in the industry with specializations in technologies like virtual private networks, virtualized servers/workstations/applications and cloud based computing nodes. Our clientele range from small businesses to large international corporations using multiple technology solutions, across a variety of platforms from web based to hand-held devices.

Our Partnerships with industry leaders like Dell, Digium, IBM, HP, Microsoft and VMware keeps our engineers up to date with the leading technologies to ensure best value to our clients. We have partnerships with most major vendors and manufacturers so we can get priority support as needed for our clients while maintaining impartiality and making sure the shoe fits the foot instead of the other way around.

The owner of the company Nadeem Azhar, is passionate about technology and this shows throughout the company. We can talk technology in terms of business, so decision makers can understand without having to learn the technology itself.

Create business solutions that excite and inspire
PCSN has a specialized and dedicated team for creating Web and Win32 applications. Our team boasts deep experience in Human Interface Design, Graphics, Consulting, Network Infrastructure, Application Development and Security Infrastructure using latest tools such as .NET Framework and Java and for a variety of platforms from latest handhelds to immersive web based applications.